The major problems of marketing management in India are as follows.
2.4.1 Lack of trained, effective and experienced Marketing Personnel
There is a lack of well trained, efficient and experienced personnel in India. To
handle the complex problems of marketing management in fast development economy of
India it requires larger number of institutions to impart training and turn out larger
number of well trained and competent personnel.
2.4.2 Lack of Marketing Research
Marketing research helps in collecting the useful information. There is very little
work done in the field of marketing research in India. Marketing decisions are a
combination of judgment and information on facts. Today‟s executive has a difficult task
in making decisions and appraisals. Marketing research by providing the relevant facts
can help the executive much to raise the level of their work. Marketing research facilitates
decision making. There is a great need of research in marketing management both for the
development of domestic as well as international trade. There are special considerations
which must be borne in mind whilst preparing the marketing strategy for penetrating
markets abroad. Therefore for good marketing management, there is great need for
marketing research.
2.4.3 Lack of scientific Product Planning
There is absence of scientific product planning in India. Proper product planning is
an act of marking out and supervising the research screening, development and
commercialization of new products, the modification of exiting lines and the
discontinuance of marginal or unprofitable items. In India very little attention is paid
toward product planning,. Development in marketing management and product planning
go hand in hand. The consumers also fail to get the maximum satisfaction by their
purchases when the products do not match their likings. There are three aspects of
product planning which should always be kept in view developing, modifying or
discounting products. Few products are developed in some companies as they are afraid of
taking risks. Thus opportunities are lost. Hence for marketing management development
of product planning must be done properly
2.4.4 High Marketing Cost
Marketing research, promotional strategy advertising effort, packaging, selling
expenses are constantly mounting up. Sometimes they become for bidding and a great
hurdle comes in the way of developing marketing management on scientific lines. For
proper development of marketing management, these costs need be kept well within
control. With the growth of large scale industries in public sector and private sector after
independence the need for development of marketing management is being specially felt in
India. Efforts should be made to set up more and more institutions to impart training in
the specialized fields of marketing research, product planning and marketing
management. Our industrialists should take more interest in improving quality of their
products and reducing costs so that India can have an access to foreign markets and
successfully face competition of the foreign producers. It will be possible by developing
marketing management techniques.