Marketing as a service

Marketing as a service
Most websites are also available with a .dk address, without a clear preference on whether
you are guided to the main .com site (such as, or you enter the local site directly
( Some sites even allow for the choice for each visit ( After an initial
visit, the site often remembers your choice even when visiting the .com address. This service
allow the companies the possibility of create sites with different languages and thus
differentiate the site with regard to local customs, contact details etc. The downside is that
the sites are maintained by different people, and therefore the sites become less and less
similar. Different navigation can cause confusion, should a professional from Denmark need
information from the site from United Kingdom, he/she will have to adjust to a new site.
Many websites use a similar navigation system, where buttons on the top give the visitor
options of selecting the page of need. The sites’ navigation systems bear similarities to that
of the Operating System Microsoft Windows ( As this OS is the most used
throughout the world, there are compelling arguments for this fact. One downside though is
that more often than not, it is not possible to view the path to that specific page. And it can
provide even tougher to link to that page, unless you have technical insight to your web
Some sites also tend to have too much information on the page. Take for example –
pictures and text in a big mix. The navigation on top seems to create some order, and when
going past the start page, the order is restored. is another example of order, but
most of the links from the start page opens a new window, and a new site provides new
options (Grundfos caps) without the possibility to find contact details or any of the simpler
features from the previous site. should be mentioned as a good example of utilising the web as a service. Their
site is easy to navigate, because you are always aware of where you have clicked, and the
address bar can be easily linked. They do not however provide a site in local languages, so
some of the low level staff can find it hard to achieve information from the site.
Are the companies aware?
Physical contact details are easy to find, and every site had email or contact form in order to
contact the company online. However none of the sites searches provided much information
on board members, key personnel or specialists. Therefore a potential business partner or
customer would have to use the old fashioned ways of communication to find and talk to
whoever is needed.