About Us

CourseKicker is a lesson discovery and sharing site for teachers.

Teachers are constantly seeking fresh ideas and materials to engage students. Yet we know that it can be maddeningly time consuming to find just the right lesson or project or video to fit the need. We know, because we're teachers too.

We decided to create a place where teachers can gather and share great lessons and ideas. A place where you can share your teaching experiences and "best practices." A place that will help you take your interactions with your students to another level, and give you more time to enjoy your teaching.

With CourseKicker you can:

CourseKicker was founded with the conviction that teachers are central to a quality education. Teachers are an endless source of ideas that capture the imagination and inspire students. Our mission is to harness that inspiration to help teachers create and share great educational experiences.

The Team:

Paul Henderson


Paul has over 25 years of business experience, all the while married to a (really great) teacher. Paul and Tina have long dreamed of creating fantastically engaging instruction tools for teachers and their students. Paul founded CourseKicker because he believes that education is the number one priority for any community, and that teachers are central to great education experiences. And because he likes working in jeans.

Christopher Sipe

Co-Founder and Teacher

Christopher is driven to create educational tools that help teachers offer a unique, high quality learning experience for each child. He holds Masters degrees in Science Education and Educational Administration, has over 15 years of public school classroom experience from Brooklyn to the 'burbs, and has been active in developing school- and district-wide curriculum. Christopher teaches science at Scarsdale Middle School. He is a coach, a tutor, a mentor, a musician, an outdoor enthusiast, a father and a husband…and a devout teaching geek.

Peter Farrow

Chief Technology Officer

Peter is passionate about education. As a young science teacher he learned that the right technology could have a huge impact on a student's outcome. Following his interest in educational technology, he has worked for several educational technology companies including RealCME and Connections Academy. He has built e-learning web apps which have reached over 400,000 learners in more than 200 countries. When Peter isn't coding he loves skiing, sailing and cooking with his family.

Tina Henderson

Advisory Board Member and Teacher

Tina has devoted her life to children, those she's taught and the three she's raised. After receiving her MEd from Harvard Graduate School of Education, she taught and tutored at The Spence School (NYC), Packer Collegiate (Brooklyn) and The Masters School. In addition to helping form CourseKicker, Tina recently founded The Girls Center, a unique series of empowerment workshops for adolescent and pre-adolescent girls. Tina simply could not live in a world without blue cheese.

Howard Hunger

Advisory Board Member and Technologist

Howie brings to CourseKicker his experience as a 30 year veteran at IBM, as a senior executive at Neoware Systems, and as a founder and principal of Personal Systems Technology. Howie's senior executive positions at IBM included U.S. Director of Software Management and Director of Thin Client Marketing, and his responsibilities spanned software product development, product management and business development. CourseKicker is the most exciting project Howie has ever been involved with. (Well, there was that thing about running IBM's worldwide software developer relationships…)